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• 10/20/2018

I Really Wanna Know...

...Who Are You?

Please post any brainstorms you're having about which playbook you are interest in playing, or ask any questions you might have. Note: Jason has expressed interest in playing "the Spooky", and only one of each playbook is allowed. Look for a quick summation about everything under "Getting Started".

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• 10/21/2018

Nice work on the Getting Started section. I'd probably play as an Expert, a Flake or a Professional. Each is appealing in its own way, and should be easy to develop into a character concept.


• 10/21/2018

Agreed! Really nice work. Looking forward to digging in.

• 10/25/2018

Thank you, guys! @Kodi I like the Expert or Flake, I think either would play really well with what's in my head so far!

• 10/30/2018

Matt has chosen to take the Wronged, which will fit in nicely as well. Character building and development is normally done during the first session, so you guys don't need to have really anything else done until we get into this. I'm sure you've noticed that connections to the other characters is decided at this time as well, however I will give some of you a few details about your character to fit with the narrative and theme of the storyline. Since your characters will not be starting out as Hunters, this will help explain and justify their involvement with events that take place in the beginning. The rest will still be up to you guys and developed as we go...

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