3.5 Prey
Season 3, Episode 5
3.5 Prey
Play Date 03.27.12
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3.4 Asylum


After tempers flare within the group, Bethany organizes a camping trip for everyone to attend as a bonding experience. While out in the forest, the cast comes across evidence of hunters poaching the local game. After a confrontation with the poachers, Thomas, Nathanial, Chevy and JD return to camp to find Ruth and Bethany being held by demons. A brief rescue moment added by one of the poachers, Miller, allow them to escape, but it is only because the Hellhunters wish to hunt them. The cast soon find that the hunted truly can become the prey.


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  • The concept for this episode has been around since Season 2. Until the dust up between Nathanial and Chevy, I wasn't even sure it would see the light of day. It turned a tense event into one of the best roleplaying sessions I've seen yet.
  • The poachers are all named after beer: Miller, Bud, Mick and Sam.
  • Miller wasn't originally supposed to survive the initial encounter with the Hellhunters, Bud was. After Robert showed interest in participating Miller was given a reprieve and further fleshed out.


  • The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross