Twin daugthers of Sandy Evans. The girl’s names are Angeni and Catori, which are Diroc names chosen by their father, George, before he died. Sandy kept their names but really only calls them Angi and Tori. The girls are only three and are actually identical twins that are cute little buttons, looking nothing like their mother. With their long black hair and seasoned wood skin they obviously get their looks from their father. The twins do not go to school or day care while their mother works, instead the girls run around Old Town all day being taken care of by the entire community. There seems to be no rhythm or flow to their day, instead everyone looks out for them wherever they happen to be.

They seem delighted with the forest and have to be constantly reminded not to wander into it. There have been many occasions when the twins have cornered Chevy asking “what does moss taste like?” and “can you take us hunting” and “have you seen any monsters”?