The Angles of Tagh Clatur are a set of geometric shapes and planes that form a doorway to other places and dimensions. The Angles are placed on something that form an archway, but sometimes they makeup the archway itself. They are then activated in various ways including harmonics, complex hand gestures, chanting, certain amulets and drawings and possibly even mathematical equations. An archway is typically prepared with the Angles with a predetermined destination, however it is possible to create one as a general doorway or opened to a different locale with a specialized trigger. The triggers that are used to activate the portal either complete the Angles by locking in the destination or empower the Angles to send the traveler to a linked archway.

Due to the ordered randomness of Nature, it is possible for the Angles to be naturally occurring and encountered in almost any environment. Given also the limitless ways that they can be opened, it would not be mathematically improbably that they are opened randomly and without warning. Also, it has been known for occultists and artists to incorporate the Angles of Tagh Clatur into various mediums. Francois Le Merchant incorporated the Angles into all his sculptures, the most famous being his Configuration. It is impossible to detail all the specific ways to open an Angled gateway, but a basic trigger glyph could be used to open a doorway. Its shape is quite complex and would take either a skilled mathematician or artist to reproduce it. Activating a doorway should only be done under the most controlled circumstances. It is difficult to determine where the traveler might end up. Or what may come out.


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  • 1.3 Doorway to the Dweller

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