Anna Chaney
First appearance Vampire 2.0
Name Anna Chaney
Aliases Luna
Status Retired
Classification Werewolf
Affiliation Blue Company

Dark Falls High School

Known Relatives Henry Chaney (father)

Linda Chaney (mother, deceased)

Notable Powers
  • Has control over her werewolf abilities during a full moon
  • Highly knowledgeable in history and language
  • Proficient in magic

Anna Chaney is a slightly short, beyond totally cute teen girl with short, spunky blonde hair and a dancer's graceful body. She has mischievous, exotic looking brown eyes and a pert and perfect mouth. Anna typically wears light dresses with combat boots with a silver and brilliant white stone pendant. Anna has the Japanese symbol for moon on the back of her neck and the phases of the moon in woodcut on her lower back.


A friend of Thomas's that moved away to NYC while they were in middle school. Anna's father, Henry, is a professor of history and folklore and her mother, Linda, is recently deceased. She and her father moved back to Dark Falls following Linda's death. While she appreciates the quiet small town life, she will miss the constant hustle and amble raves of the Big Apple. She has also inherited her father's love of folklore and has an eidetic memory which may make her a valuable addition to the cast.

While in New York City, Anna was attacked by a large rabid dog, which she would later learn was a werewolf. During her first transformation she was unable to control herself and accidently killed her mother.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Anna is a werewolf and a novice magician. She only changes during a full moon and has no control during this time, however her necklace is the Amulet of Luna, an artifact that allows her to retain conscious control. Anna also has a custom spell called "Aspect of the Wolf" that gives her the strengths of a werewolf. She takes on a slightly wolfish appearance, but not the full hairy form.

Anna has also inherited her fathers love of folklore and has an eidetic memory which may make her a valuable addition to the cast.

Season 1Edit

Almost immediately upon arrival, Anna took up computer duties and would prove herself to be an apt hacker. She seemed to become the focus of the attention of the Valentine Killer, however their fears were misplaced. Anna also discovered that the source of her lycanthropy was a man named Lon Talbot. After the battle with him and his cabal, Anna secretly took Talbot's ring, a Moonstone, that allowed her to control her transformations at will. This edge would prove invaluable in turning the tide against the Dweller.

Season 2Edit

Anna traveled with the cast to Severnford, England and became deeply involved in the quest of thwarting the Order of the Twilight. However, she began to feel herself drifting away from Thomas after he lost his sould in the Underworld. The suddenly appearance of Emily Proctor at Windthrope Manor confirmed her worst fears. She left and began backpacking around Europe.

Season 3Edit

Anna did not arrive back at Dark Fall High School until about two weeks after it started. She had become stranded there, but it was actually a wonderful experienced for her. On her travels she met Markus Blout, another backpacker that was actually about to begin at Miskatonic University. Anna was thrust into a uncomfortable situation when she became trapped with the rest of the cast at Ashbrook Asylum.




Season 1Edit

  • 1.6 Vampire 2.0 - 1.22 Hide and Seek (Finale - Part 2)

Season 2Edit

  • 2.1 The Legacy - 2.11 Underworld

Season 3Edit