The most obvious and out of place home in Old Town is that of Bear and Breeze Moon. The large, two-story log cabin that they live in is the result of one of the few successful independently operated fishing business in Dark Falls. They attribute their miraculous success to living right and respecting the spirits, both those of the ancestors and of the sea. Both are in their mid-forties and are the living embodiment of their names. Bear is easily bigger than you and looks to have been carved out of solid granite. Breeze is beautiful and frequently walks around with flowers woven into her ever present long black braid and sort of way acts more like a happy teenager than like an old woman.

Also members of the council obviously, Bear and Breeze do very little to upset the balance in Old Town. Any possessions they have are nice but modest, they never flaunt what they’ve got, seemingly almost embarrassed by it, and they help out the community as well. The central bath house and toilets built in the center of town was constructed at their commission for example. Also, they regularly throw parties for everyone without seeming snooty or pompous about it.