To say Bradley Rogers was built like a linebacker would be true for two reasons. One, he was built like one, two he was one. Rogers is the second string right outside linebacker. This meant he was on the defensive line and had several duties to perform, including rushing the passer, covering receivers and defending against the run.

Brad struggling for most of the training season this year, either no getting where he needed to fast enough or wasn’t taking his man down. Coach had one of his coming to Jesus talks with him and not long after Bradley began playing like he meant it. Coach usually had that effect on people.

During the season opener game against the Lincoln City Lemurs, Rogers went into a rage:

"The football flies wildly out of bounds, far past any of the wide receivers and the referees whistle for the end of the play. Rogers, however, doesn’t hear or ignores it. He continues his push into the helpless boy and they slide back at least another ten yards. One of the Lemurs runs over and tries to pull Rogers off the fallen quarterback. The guard, not a small man by any stretch of the imagination, looks as though as he’s trying lift battleship. When Rogers does get up, it’s quite obvious that he did it on his own accord and nothing to do with offensive man that was straining on him. Rogers faces off against him and then big man goes to take a step back, but not before the linebacker bends forward and head butts him. The two helmets crack together sounding like a gunshot and pieces of the Lemur’s goes flying off like shrapnel. The referees all start blowing their whistles and throwing yellow flags. The onlookers gasp again in unison and fall silent. The Lemur falls bonelessly to the field."

The cast investigated the incident, despite the lack of any supernatural clues. Drugs was main cause of the outburst because Chevy saw Rogers doping up before the game. Eventually they learned he was taking a drug called Black which enhanced his abilities, but his aggressive behavior as well.

When the cast finally confronted Rogers, he changed a more powerful, slightly demonic form. Then a being the cast has called the Puppet Master spoke to them through Rodgers. Eventually Rogers' personality returned and the cast had little choice but to put an end to him.