David Farrow
David Farrow
First appearance 1.12 Sand Castles
Name David Farrow
Aliases The Butler
Status Active
Classification Human
Affiliation Thomas Sparrow II
Known Relatives Paul (brother, deceased)
David is a tall, whip thin man with long, sharp features and slicked back hair and is the butler at Sparrow Manor. His brother, Paul, was the original butler for the Sparrow family and David took his place after his death. David is unflappingly British in his tone and manner. He is as comfortable with a spatula as he is with a Mossberg 935 semi-automatic shotgun since he was also in the British Special Forces.

It was David that brought Thomas the Silver Key from his father in the Dreamlands.


Season 1

  • 1.12 Sand Castles - 1.22 Hide and Seek (Finale - Part 2)

Season 3