Delta Green is the military arm of the Wilmarth Foundation. In addition to employing personnel with Special Forces training, they recuit magicians, psychics, adepts and most anyone with exceptional abilities. It's symbol is that of a green triangle.

Delta Green is also able to operate within the US Army under the guise of "Blue Company".

Roster (Active)Edit

  • Minerva (intelligence officer, magician)

Roster (Inactive)Edit

  • Lt. Perry "Boss" Ellis (commander, retired)
  • Sgt. Angel "Ballistica" Fox (small weapons expert, gun adept, retired)
  • Atlas (heavy weapons specialist, deceased)
  • Honda (vehicles expert, telemechanic, deceased)
  • Sota (technical specialist, electrokinesist, deceased)
  • "Grimm" Miller (firearms specialist, hyperkinesthesic, retired)