Dr. Warren Emerson
Dr. Warren Emerson
First appearance 3.1 Homecoming
Name Dr. Warren Emerson
Status Active
Affiliation Miskatonic University
Professor of Cultural Archeology at Miskatonic University and mentor to Thomas Sparrow. Dr. Emerson is a man in his mid forties, with rugged and handsome features and short black hair. He wears an immaculately pressed black dress shirt open at the neck and a gray silk sport coat. The only thing out of place about his appearance is the five o’clock he bears.

The inside of Emerson’s office is extraordinarily neat and tidy. Three of the four walls contain built in bookshelves. At first glance all the books appear to be arranged in alphabetical order and grouped by subject, the bottom of every book is exactly aligned with the edge of the shelf on which it rests. The fourth wall is a built in glass display in which are numerous artifacts that appear Diroc in origin. A separate and distinct section of the display contains what appears to be old trapper equipment.