Dr. Whitman is JD's psychiatrist at Ashbrook Asylum. He is a friendly looking man who is probably in his late forties, but is in good enough shape to be in his early to mid-thirties. His has close cropped salt and pepper hair and five o’clock shadow and laugh lines around his eyes. He wears a traditional doctor’s coat, but a loud, multicolored tie.

He looks at home in his office which appears to be a mixture of old and new as well. The dark oaken desk and matching armchairs look to be only eighty years old.

On the walls are all manner of artwork and pictures. One has numerous pieces of artwork, ranging from juvenile to talented, in all mediums from pencil, to markers to watercolors. The next wall is a series of framed prints that look like traditional Rorschach, or inkblot, tests. Instead of the drab black splotches are psychedelic swirls akin to tie-dyes. The last wall is adorned with several faded black and white photographs of what appears to be Ashbrook Asylum from the early days. There are several pieces of the exterior looking remarkable like what you saw outside earlier, save for a changed landscape. The rest show group photos of doctors and nurses or the same people engaging in their day to day activities. The centerpiece of the photographs appears to be an original architectural plan of the asylum dated for 1928.