Emily Proctor
Emily Proctor
First appearance 1.1 Welcome to Dark Falls
Name Emily Proctor
Aliases Trisha Gatling
Status Active
Classification Sorceress
Affiliation Miskatonic University

Proctor Family
Proctor Fishing Company

Known Relatives Thomas Proctor (father, deceased)
Notable Powers

Proficient in magic and the occult

Emily is a tall, shapely and attractive young blonde. She typically wears old-fashioned high necked blouses and a thick, floor reaching skirt. Her hair is usually tied back simply with a pair of sticks.


Emily Proctor is of the Proctor Family, the family behind Miskatonic University, West Campus (MU) and Proctor Fishing Company. The cast first met her as Trisha Gatling. Eventually they learned her that she was the daughter of one people trying raise the city of R’yleh and release dreaming Cthulhu within.

Emily appears to have inherited her family's curse of disfiguring changes, in this case a series of gills on her abdomen. She is also an accomplished and knowledgeable magician



Season 1

  • 1.1 Welcome to Dark Falls
  • 1.16 Antiques Horrorshow

Season 2Edit

  • 2.8 Beyond the Sea
  • 2.11 Underworld
  • 2.12 Rise of R'lyeh

Season 3Edit