Kai Himachi
Kai Himachi
First appearance 1.1 Welcome to Dark Falls
Last appearance 1.22 Hide and Seek (Finale - Part 2)
Name Kai Himachi
Status Deceased
Classification Demon Queller
Affiliation Dark Falls High School
Known Relatives Tetsuo Himachi
Notable Powers
  • Enhanced physical attributes
  • Highly skilled in martial arts and weapons
  • Resistance to demonic powers
  • Some skill in magical arts
Portrayed by  Brian

Kai is a tall, muscular, athletically built young Asian teenager. His shaggy hair tends to fall into his eyes, which he pushes back absent-mindedly. Kai favors bright and loud or anime long sleeve shirts with holes cut for his thumbs. He speaks perfect English, but tends to switch to a heavy Japanese accent around people he doesn't know.


Japanese exchange student that was "rescued" by Kat from a group of jocks on the first day of school. Later he returned the favor when Kat and Thomas were attacked by a group of wendigos . Kai is very artistic and typically spends his time drawing anime, the art form his home country is the source of. He has become very close with Bethany and has been training her in martial arts.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

At least his entire upper body appears to be covered with Japanese symbols and mystic glyphs. May point to his involvement with an ancient Japanese group known as Demon Quellers.

Season 1Edit

It was eventually revealed that his father sent him to the US to hide him from his Demon Queller uncle turned bad, Tetsuo Himachi, who is bent on murdered his family line. Kai began manifesting uncontrollable rages, a possible side effect of demon queller process. Once he realized he would soon not be able to control himself, Kai sacrificed himself in order to stop the Dweller's ring portal from summoning Ithaqua.

Season 2Edit

A mental representation of Kai appeared in Bethany's mindscape and acted as a guide to the cast when they were trying to free her from Sethariel.

Season 3Edit

Despite not being able to positively identify him, some members of the cast have begun to suspect that JD could in fact be Kai, but there are subtle differences.


Season 1Edit

  • 1.1 Welcome to Dark Falls - 1.22 Hide and Seek (Finale - Part 2)

Season 2Edit

  • 2.6 Mindscape