Katherine Danzig
First appearance 1.1 Welcome to Dark Falls
Name Katherine Danzig
Aliases Kat
Status Missing
Classification Totem Warrior
Affiliation Dark Falls High School
Known Relatives Father and Mother

Nana (grandmother)

Notable Powers
  • Enhanced physical attributes
  • Enhanced fighting abilities
  • Enhanced physical senses
Kat is a very attractive, athletically built young woman with a taste in clothing that includes band t-shirts, tank tops, flannel button-downs, jeans and boots. She has a tattoo of an oriental dragon twisted into an infinity symbol on her lower back.


Katherine "Kat" Danzig was once an Olympic hopeful whose hopes were dashed after her height disqualified her. Bitter, she went rebel for a while and by the time she calmed down, Kat had earned the reputation as a "bad girl".

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kat is a Puma Totem Warrior and therefore enjoys increased Strength and Dexterity as well as enhanced hearing.

Season 1Edit

Kat received her Totem abilities early in the season and while she enjoyed the empowerment it afforded her, she strugged with the Diroc identity associated with it. Finally, after going on a spirit journery which sent her back in time, she was finally able to fully earn and accepted her heritage. Kat was also very instrumental in the Dweller's down fall.

Season 2Edit

Kat journeyed with Thomas and the cast to Severnford, England. However, she soon returned to Dark Falls after her Nana fell into a coma after a stroke.

Season 3Edit

Upon returning to Dark Falls, the cast learned that Kat had been missing for several weeks already. They learned that she had increased her patrols of the city at night, but where or why could not be determined.


Season 1Edit

  • 1.1 Welcome to Dark Falls - 1.22 Hide and Seek (Finale - Part 2)

Season 2Edit

  • 2.1 The Legacy - 2.3 Cross My Heart, Hope to Die