First appearance Prey
Name Miller
Aliases "Grimm"
Status Active
Classification Adept
Affiliation Delta Green (retired)
Notable Powers Hyperkinesthesis
Miller is a survivalist that lives in Dark Falls Forest that the cast initially encountered as a poacher. He was instrumental in their subsequent escape and victory over the Hellhunters.

Miller is gruff in demeaner and easily comes across as a fanatically, backwoods outdoor survivalist. He is very humorless and apathetic. Miller lives in a sparsely furinished cabin with a generator and a well stocked cellar.


Very little is known about Miller other than he once served with Lt. Perry Ellis in the Delta Greens. He left after coming to the realization that his actions had little positive influence in the world, and that it might not even be worth saving. Up until his appearance in the forest, his whereabouts had been unknown.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Miller is a hyperkinesthesic, which allows him to instantly predict the trajectory of an object by sight alone.

Miller is also paramount survivalist; he is a master at camouflage, hunting and wilderness survival. He is also well aquainted with firearms of all types as well as improvised explosives.