A large dagger with an ornate silver filigreed pommel and a heavy, wickedly sharp crystal blade. While it is an effective weapon ([Str + 1] x 3), its main powers come from its area effect powers which are created by striking the pommel.

  • Hymn: creates a pleasing resonant sound that counters normal fear effects and gives a -5 bonus to Fear Tests with a fifteen foot area (can only be used on one influence per encounter).
  • Dirge: creates a disharmonic skin-crawling sound that causes a feeling of dread in the target, forcing a Sanity test (can only be used on one target per encounter).
  • Resonance: creates a piercing harmonic sound that can be used to shatter hard substances.
  • Bolt: creates a damaging bolt of sonic energy (Getting Medieval, base damage 30).

While the relic is in the person’s possession they are immune to loud sounds and normal sonic attacks. This item is currently in the possession of Anna Chaney.


  • 2.8 Beyond the Sea