Nocturnum is the power over shadow and darkness. With this ability, those with the proper connection with their own internal darkness can create and control objects made out of shadow, protect themselves with darkness or even become a part of it. Most everyone has an innate primal fear of darkness and facing those with this power gives them good reason to. Those with the Nocturnum power are commonly referred to as Nocturnals.


Nocturnum (5 point Quality x level)Edit

A Nocturnal’s Nocturnum rating determines the maximum Power Level of power that they can safely manifest. As long as they do not manifest an ability higher in Power Level or Success Level than their Nocturnum, they suffer no Drain. However, if the Power Level of the ability exceeds their Nocturnum, they suffer an amount of Drain equal to the difference. Therefore a Nocturnal with a Nocturnum of 4 manifesting a Power Level 4 ability would suffer no Drain. The same Nocturnal manifesting a Power Level 6 ability would suffer a Drain of 2, resulting in their Nocturnum being reduced to 2. Drain is recovered at a rate of 1 per hour of rest or sleep. If at any time the Nocturnal’s Nocturnum rating is reduced to zero or less, they are unable to manifest their abilities. Any sustained abilities that were active at this time are immediately canceled. If the Drain suffered by the Nocturnal reduces their Nocturnum to less than zero, then their Willpower rating is reduced by the difference.


The following powers are available to anyone who has at least one level of Nocturnum:

Shadow ArmorEdit

With this ability, the Nocturnal can concentrate shadows on their very body. If they pass a Willpower + Survival roll, the manifestation is successful. The effective Armor Value manifested is equal to twice their Nocturnum rating. Armor Value is removed from the total base damage of an attack before the damage multiplier, if any, is applied.

  • The Nocturnal manifest the armor at a higher Nocturnum rating then the possess, but the difference above this is experienced as Drain.

Shadow BladeEdit

With this ability, the Nocturnal can coalesce and concentrate their power into weapon composed of black energy. If they successful pass a Willpower + Melee roll, the newly created blade has a damage of (Str+1) x Nocturnum rating. The appearance of the blade varies between Nocturnals.

  • The Nocturnal manifest the blade at a higher Nocturnum rating then the possess, but the difference above this is experienced as Drain.

Shadow FearEdit

Most everyone is afraid of the dark, and this power allows the Nocturnal to capitalize on that. This power allows the Nocturnal to briefly force their target to believe that they are being overwhelmed by impenetrable darkness. The victim must immediately make a supernatural Fear Test and react accordingly. The Power Level of the ability, is calculated as the following:

  • One being: Power Level 1
  • 2 to 4 beings: Power Level 2
  • 5 to 10 beings: Power Level 3
  • 0: +0 Power Level
  • 2: +1 Power Level
  • 3: +2 Power Level
  • 5: +3 Power Level
  • 7: +5 Power Level

Shadow StepEdit

This power allows a Nocturnal to briefly meld themselves with shadows and move through them to another location. The meld is attempted with a Dexterity + Occult roll. The difficulty of attempting this feat is based on the distance being traveled, the number of individuals taken with the Nocturnal and the amount of time it takes to manifest it. The Power Level is calculated as the following:

  • Jump: Power Level 1
  • Room: Power Level 2
  • House: Power Level 3
  • Large Building: Power Level 4
  • Neighborhood: Power Level 5
  • City: Power Level 6
  • Beyond City: Power Level 7
Number Being Shadow SteppedEdit
  • Self: +0 Power Level
  • 1 to 3 People: +1 Power Level
  • 4 to 10 People: +2 Power Level
Time Required to UseEdit
  • Action: +0 Power Level
  • Turn: -1 Power Level
  • Instant: +2 Power Level
  • The space between the two distances being traveled between must be in non-magical shadow or darkness. If at some point there is an interruption, the Nocturnal travels to this point and reemerges.
  • The destination in which the Nocturnal is traveling to does not have to be seen, but they must be familiar with the location. If the destination is unfamiliar (i.e., never been there before, didn’t scope it out in advanced, seen it passing, etc.), they must make a Intelligence (simple) roll. Failure means they cannot form enough of a mental image to manifest the power.
  • Those that are taken with the Nocturnal must be willing participates. Those that do not wish to travel with them must be Grappled first. Only one person may be Grappled at a time.
  • Failure to get enough successes to travel the desired distance means the Nocturnal becomes trapped in the shadows. They will be trapped there until the shadows are dispelled or until the next local sunrise, whichever is first.

Shadow StrikeEdit

Shadows become a physical thing for the wraith with this power. The Nocturnal is able to strike out a target at distance with the same energy as their blades are composed off. A Dexterity + Melee roll is made and treated as an attack, which may be Dodged normally. Only this type of energy manifestation by the Nocturnal uses the Special (times two) damage multiplier. The Power Level of the ability is calculated as the following:

  • 1 being or object: Power Level 1
  • 2 to 4 beings or objects: Power Level 2
  • 5 to 10 beings or objects: Power Level 3
  • Willpower x 0.5: +0 Power Level
  • Willpower x 1: +1 Power Level
  • Willpower x 2: +2 Power Level
  • Willpower x 3: +3 Power Level
  • Willpower x 4: +4 Power Level
  • Willpower x 6: +6 Power Level

Shadow WalkEdit

With this ability the wrath and can wrap nearby shadows around them. A Willpower + Crime roll is made, with double the Success Levels added to a Dexterity + Crime roll immediately after the power is used.

  • This ability will only function in an environment where a moderate amount of shadows already exist.
  • The Nocturnal can only safely manifest a Success Level equal to their Nocturnum rating. The difference above this is experienced as Drain. The Nocturnal can choose to manifest at a lower Success Level than they rolled.