Omnikinetics are extremely powerful psychics whose powers are limited only by their imagination and grasp of reality.


Omnikinesis (5 Point/Level Quality) For every level a character has in omnikinesis, they can pick one type of kinetic power (cryokinesis, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, electrokinesis, etc.). Their Omnikinesis rating serves as the Ability Rating for all manifestations. Additional, if they have telekinesis as a power, the Strength of this ability is equal to 1.5 times the rating (round down). Also, they do not suffer the -1 remote manipulation penalty.

The power of omnikinesis takes a heavy toll on the character’s mind and body. Without some sort of divine intervention, the omnikinetic character automatically gains an Insanity, Limited Use (psychic power), Psychic Visions (debilitating) or Uncontrollable Power (Omnikinesis) Drawback without benefit. Also, they do not suffer Drain as normal. Instead of their Omnikinesis draining, their Constitution suffers instead. This way their powers do not diminish, but their body pays the price. If at any time their Constitution reaches zero, the omnikinetic dies.