Papa Joe
Papa joe
First appearance Awakenings
Name Joseph “Two-Feathers” Wolfe
Aliases Papa Joe
Status Active
Classification Human
Affiliation Old Town
Known Relatives Cheveyo "Chevy" Wolfe
Full name Joseph "Two-Feathers" Wolfe, grandfather to Chevy . Prominent figure in Old Town and is an elder in the council. He is a tall, distinguished looking man of obvious Indian blood with long black hair shot with white tied back with a simple piece of leather. His features are chiseled and warm like old wood. His full name is Joseph “Two-Feathers” Wolfe, but most everyone calls him Papa Joe.

Papa Joe is a word carver by trade and he makes mostly traditional Indian looking animals and people. He makes pieces of all sizes and sells them on the side of the road in town. He must be good at it because he makes most of his money from pieces he sells to specialty stores in town and special commissions. He spends most of the days in his workshop.

Papa Joe is also a council member of Old Town.


Season 3