Mr. Pritchard is the principal at Dark Falls High School (DFHS). Decorating the walls of his are scores of plaques, pictures and awards. The plaques and awards either name Dark Falls High School or Principal Matthew Victor Pritchard for varies recognitions and titles. All of the pictures show the same fat, red-faced man with short red hair and a closely trimmed beard shaking hands with someone. Pritchard's appearance is much different, however. His belly is bloated grotesquely as if swelling from decomposition but his features are thin and sunken. His pug-eyes are flat and dead like a fish and what little remains of his red hair is now patching and sick looking. He can be heard audibly wheezing with even the slightest movement. It is obvious he is suffering from some health problem: cancer, diabetes, bad heart. Whatever it is, it’s probably going to kill him sooner rather than later.

Mr. Pritchard obviously has it out for Nathanial Lynch as he replaced a professor Pritchard was close to.