First Appearance Personal Demons
Name Psychic
Aliases Clairvoyant


Status Active
Classification Human (usually)
Known Powers Various

A psychic is a person that can exhibit extraordinary abilities through the power of their mind alone.


Psychics are typically human and therefore exhibit a wide range of physical attributes, but they are typically very strong-willed and quite intelligent and perceptive. Their powers usually dictate their personalities.


There is a wide variety of psychic powers ranging from the subtle to the blatantly obvious.


A specialized form of telepathy that causes the body to use its natural abilities, or even turn these abilities off. With this psychic ability one, could stop or cause pain, heal injuries and diseases, increase or decrease any of the senses, cause injuries, almost anything. The beneficial effects of this ability are boundless. Many with this talent become doctors just because they can men broken bones and reverse disease. However, it has just as many malign effects. The ability to cause pain and injury by rupturing organs has made many a murderer and being able to blind and deafen someone has made many a thief. Touching the subject that the ability is being used on seems to increase its effectiveness.


The psychic that has mastered chronokinesis has mastered time itself. With this ability, the psychic can see a brief moment of all possible futures, allowing them to adjust and change accordingly. The most powerful chronokinetics can reverse time completely.

Domination (Pushing)Edit

A specialized form of telepathy that mostly focuses on causing people to do things against their will. Spoken commands are not necessary, just the need to overcome the person's will because this ability is generally resisted by the target. Simple commands that do not violate the person's code of ethics are the easiest to produce, while commands that normally the person would not do would cause them to hesitate and resist further. Getting a thief to steal, for example, would be easy, while getting a priest to do the same would prove difficult.


This shocking ability allows the psychic to create and manipulate electricity. It can be manifested as a mere spark to outright bolts of lightning. Electrokinetics can also manipulate electrical devices, though simply, such as turning them on or off or rerouting power.


An interesting ability that involves the reading and broadcasting of emotions in a way similar to telepathy. By concentrating, the psychic can read the emotional state of a person at the time. These emotions can show how a person feels about a subject or what their mood is like. This is ability involves all the emotions, but the basic emotions are the easiest to read. The psychic also has the ability to broadcast theirs or create emotions in another person. They can possibly make someone temporarily love someone or make them absolutely hate something. This part of the power, however, may be resisted by the receiver. One side effect to this ability is sometimes the psychic will unconsciously mimic the emotional state of someone nearby.


A specialized form of telekinesis that allows the psychic to control and manipulate volumes of water. Unlike pyrokinesis, however, the psychic can not create the substance they are controlling, in this case, water. But the psychic can make it look like he created water by condensing it from the air. This depends of the relatively humidity of the area. The more humid it is, the easier it is to condense water as is the amount that is produced. In arid regions such as a desert, this ability would be next to impossible. The psychic can also control water that is already present, be it ocean, lake, river, puddle or glass of water. Once a certain volume is under the psychics control, they can do amazing things with it. Create shapes, waves, almost anything including humanoid shapes that can move. The psychic can also calm water with this ability.


Omnikinesis is a very powerful ability that is limited only by the psychic's imagination. It represents a wide range of abilities.


A type of ESP, or Extra Sensory Perception. Probably the most fascinating of the ESP abilities because it allows the psychic to see events that occurred in the past. The past events viewed are usually connected with strong emotional backgrounds. The sites of violent death and great sadness ten to apparently be the subject of most of these visions. The stronger the emotion with the event, the longer it will last and the easier it is to receive these visions. It is possible for a psychic to receive many images from one particular area, especially if many events have occurred there, but the strongest will always be the clearest.

Precognition (Psychic Visions)Edit

A type of ESP, or Extra Sensory Perception. This is probably the most powerful form of ESP in the sense that it actually allows the psychic to glimpse and witness possible future events. It is usually a very unnerving ability because the psychic can suddenly and violently become bombarded by images by merely touching an object, walking into a room or by shaking someone's hand. These images can be almost any length and represent almost any time in the future. It is unsure what exactly sets off these images or what determines what visions are seen. It is possible, if the psychic understands the images well enough, to actually affect these images, actually change the future. If the psychic does indeed change the future, they will still remember the vision that they saw of the future that could have been.

There are some instances where the psychic suffers sudden visions of the future which expresses itself through painful, paralyzing flashbacks (more like "flash-forwards") of death and danger. These visions happen a lot more often, and while they are active, the character is pretty much out of it. Humans who get this "gift" don't live very long- the intensity of the visions eventually destroys their brains (often literally).


A specialized form of telekinesis that involves the creation and control of fire. With this ability, fire can be created by exciting the molecules of an object. This size of the fire created can be controlled, though larger fires and the object being burned affect the creation time. Once the fire is created it can also be controlled with this ability. Existing fires can also be controlled by the psychic whether they created them or not, even extinguished if is wished.

Telekinesis (Psychokinesis)Edit

Probably one of the most amazing mental talents. Telekinesis is the ability of mind over matter. Put simply, it is the power to move physical matter through sheer force of will. There are different level of telekinesis. Some only have the ability to move small objects such as stones or maybe even books. Others however may have the power enough to move great weights, people and depending on the extent of the ability, possibly even vehicles. Telekinesis can be viewed as a unidirectional force, either a pushing or pulling. If one was lifted by telekinesis, they could be either be lifted by pulling their arm or pushing up on their feet. In theory, one could actually create a telekinetic punch or a wall that push against anything it came in contact with. Extend periods of stress or sudden fits of anger seem to have an impact on the amplitude of the power. These situations give a sudden burst of energy to the ability enabling them to manipulate more matter than commonly possible. However, these effects are usually detrimental and leave the psychic even more fatigued.


Another specialized form of telekinesis that allows the psychic to mentally control mechanical devices such as vehicles, lifts, elevators, anything with a motor or engine. Even when not fully controling a device, it allows the psychic to intuitive use these devices and finesse more out of them.


Telepathy is a general term for a large spectrum of abilities. Commonly telepathy is the power to send one's thoughts to another person. The receiver has to do nothing in order to pick up these thoughts, it's the broadcaster that does all the work. Typically the difficulty of the thought projection depends on the complexity and length of the thought and how open minded and distracted the receiver is. A simple thought such as a basic sentence is easier to send than is an entire conversation. Also, it is easier to for the receiver to get these thoughts if they are actively paying attention to you then if they are intensely concentrating on something else. It is also possible to broadcast to more than one person at time. A person with telepathy can also pick up thoughts from other individuals. The difficulty of this depends on the person whose thoughts are to be scanned. A stray thought would be relatively simple while something like an intensely personal fact would require deep probing and could quite possibly be resisted by the person. Also, depending on the ability of the psychic, they could quite possibly be able to scan an area for people by detecting stray thoughts.


Since psychics are usually human, they suffer all the mortal conditions of their species.



Season 1

  • 1.7 Personal Demons - 1.22 Hide and Seek (Finale - Part 2)

Season 2Edit

  • 2.1 The Legacy - 2.12 Rise of R'yleh

Season 3Edit

  • 3.1 Homecoming - ????