Archangel sword
Also known as "the Defender", this curved short sword is of marvelous and ornate design. When it first bonds with an owner they experience a comforting warmth from it as does the sound of a heavenly song that only they can hear. It bestows the equivalent Melee skill of 5, but for its use only.

When it is being used, it feels as though the sword is moving on its own. If wielded by an enemy of the sword, it will attack them. The Archangel can be used to parry ranged attacks at a penalty of -3. It will even defend against surprise attacks as long as the sword is in hand. Legend states that it was once the sword of the archangel Michael (base damage [Str + 1] x 4).

This item is currently in the possession of Thomas Sparrow II.


Season 2Edit

  • 2.8 Beyond the Sea