Thomas Sparrow II
First appearance Welcome to Dark Falls
Name Thomas Sparrow II
Aliases Icarus
Status Active
Classification Zombie
Affiliation Blue Comapany

Miskatonic University

Known Relatives Dr. Thomas Sparrow (father, missing)

Mrs. Sparrow (mother, deceased)

Notable Powers
  • Highly proficient in magic and occult
  • Able to survive extreme circumstances and withstand inhuman amounts of damage
Portrayed by  Jason

General character description.


Born in England and exported to America, Thomas is the son of famous archeologist, Dr. Thomas Sparrow. Unlike his father, Thomas would rather be cooped up in a dusty library, pouring over an ancient manuscript than traipsing the globe, dodging bullets and snaking through dank tunnels.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Season 1Edit

Slightly stammering and decidely intellectual, Thomas was often times hoplessly out of his element, complicating the adventure and putting himself and somethings the group both in danger. His discovery of magic made his recent exploits with Kat and Kai a little easier to endure. His brief encounter with the false Trisha Gatling may have touched him in a way he doesn't understand. Coupled with the mysterious necklace she left him, the situation may prove to be an enigma difficult to resist.

Thomas became the fourth victim of the Valentine Killer. He awoke to find himself near North Point Lighthouse somehow reanimated. His valentine had the word "BOY" written on it.

Thomas grew more adapt at sorcery after being thrown in several crisis situations. His magic began to become more specialized as he found his way. After Jessica's soul was finally freed when Belial was destroyed, she returned to him and gave him part of her soul. While still not completely human, he does have a heartbeat of sorts, a more normal temperture and a tendency to bleed light when hurt.

Season 2Edit


Season 3Edit





  • Thomas is the only character that has appeared in every episode (save the prequel episodes) of Dark Falls.
  • Thomas wasn't originally supposed to become a zombie. After another player dropped out before even starting, Thomas's took his place because the storyline had become too important to not use.


Season 1

  • 1.1 Welcome to Dark Falls - 1.22 Hide and Seek (Finale - Part Two)

Season 2

  • 2.1 - The Legacy - 2.12 Rise of R'yleh

Season 3