Treatment rooms
This area is located in a sub basement underneath Ward B of Ashbrook Asylum. Their exact origins are unknown, but they were used by Dr. Williams in his inhumane experiments.

The earthen tunnel eventually leads to a step of stone steps that goes down even further to another door, this one apparently made from some kind of steel. Beyond it is a short cobblestone corridor flanked by ten more doors, five on each side. Iron braziers also line the walls. These doors are also steel, but heavier than the first and have a small barred window set into them. The small five by five cells made of heavy stone live little doubt that this might have once served a kind of dungeon. Chained manacles are set into the wall and there is rotted straw lying of the floor. All of the cells are open and unoccupied. Another door is at the end of the hallway. There is an old and yellowed, handwritten stenciled sign that says “Treatment Rooms”.

This is a large circular room built of stone that stretches at least twenty feet high. There is a large circular flagstone set in the center of the room and from that are other flagstones that create walking paths to the nine doors that are arranged around the room like spokes on a wheel. More braziers are between each door, once again appearing to be made of steel with no windows.

There are seven rooms, each which easily serve as a torture chamber:

  1. Electricity Room
  2. Restraint Room
  3. Zoetrope Room
  4. Bleeding Room
  5. Subliminal Room
  6. Lobotomy Room
  7. Black Room

A study is also in this area where the cast found the Ars Daemon.