First Appearance The Order
Name Wraith
Aliases Specter
Status Active
Classification Undead
Affiliation Underworld
Known Powers Various
Known Weaknesses Bad Mojo

Bad Vibe

Those that are brought back to life from the Underworld are known as a Wraith.


When a person dies in complete obscurity or eventually becomes forgotten by the living, they fall into the Underworld, a netherealm of death and despair. If the person is ever resurrected or somehow brought back to life, their deathliness returns with them to the land of the living.

Known Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Increased Attributes

  • +1 Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, Perception and Willpower


  • Wraith see a world tinged by death every where they look. A new sports car appears scratched and dented, statues appear chipped and crumbling and the environment looks decayed and run down. With this ability, the wraith sees the degree in which a person is infected death or how close to death they may be. A person being consumed with cancer might show gapping necrotic sores in the area affected or a person about to be run over by a car might appear as a shambling mangled corpse. (Perception + Alertness)


  • The wraith are also able to perceive the life energy in all beings. A wraith can interpret the “life aura” of a being, thereby determining that being’s mood, identity and level of hostility. Even the most shallow, transparent person usually has several different colors composing his aura. The colors of the aura may shift in a predictable cycle or completely at random, according to the current emotional state of the character. Few auras remain one clear color for long; shades of intent and emotion can lighten, darken or mix an aura’s hues. (Perception + Alertness)

Presence of DeathEdit

  • When a wraith enters an area where a death has previously occurred, there is a possibility that they might be able to detect it. Information gleamed can include the number of individuals involved, the manner of death and how long ago it occurred. The more numerous, violent and multiple the deaths the easier they are to detect. (Perception + Alertness)

Touch of DeathEdit

  • Upon concentration, a wraith can extrude a dark energy, the very essence of death, from his hands that can also be transferred to a melee weapon. It causes additional damage in the form of a bone-chilling coldness (adds an additional multiplier to the weapon) and appears almost ethereal black energy that flickers over its target. (Costs one point of Willpower to use and lasts a number of rounds equal to permanent Willpower rating.)


  • Wraith do not suffer wounds long. They regenerate damage at the rate of Constitution per minute. However damage is a little more obvious on them as they bleed a black exudate.


  • A wraith is able to take levels of the Nocturnum Quality.

Other AbilitiesEdit

If the Wraith had previously ascended with the ranks of the Underworld, such as becoming a Nephwrack, they retain all their powers as well.

Known WeaknessesEdit


  • Within the wraith is a dark personality known as a Shadow, which is actual manifestation of their fear, negativity and darkness. It presents itself a voice in the wraith’s head that encourages them to do the wrong thing on most occasions, but it will sometimes attempt to warp the wraith’s actions to frustration or undermine them. There is also the possibility that the Shadow can assume control of the wraith if they experience a crushing failure or if they give in to readily to their dark side.
  • It is not entirely uncome for some wraiths to completely give into their Shadow instead of attempting to put up a continual resistence against it.

Bad VibeEdit

  • The wraith is literally the death of the party. They have a creepy sort of vibe to them and will bring anyone down that spends too much time around them. (-2 to all positive Influence rolls, +2 to intimidating rolls)

Bad MojoEdit

  • Due to some aspect of their undead nature, wraith are unable to cast spells. They can go through the motions, but nothing happens, nor can they participate in rituals.




Season 2

  • 2.4 The Order
  • 2.11 Underworld
  • 2.12 Rise of R'lyeh